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Attorney referrals are welcome at LC Chiropractic. Early detection of underlying injury is the best insurance for anyone involved in a car accident. It is possible to treat older symptoms of a car accident with great success, but it is much more beneficial to start treatment on any injury from a motor vehicle before it develops into a chronic situation.

Getting a full evaluation by our personal injury chiropractors following a car accident will help to document all the injuries you have accrued from being involved in this tragic experience and will be beneficial for use in a lawsuit if need be. Medical doctors in an emergency room or hospital setting are trained to diagnose and treat obvious injuries such as broken bones and head injuries, but occasionally they may miss injuries that are not as severe.

Having one of our Lockport auto accident chiropractors perform a full evaluation will document all injuries that are currently obvious as well as the long term effects that are associated with those injuries. In this way a personal injury attorney can help his client obtain financial compensation for injuries that will allow full rehabilitative treatment to proceed without financial stress being added to the burden the rider has to bear.

Involved in a Car Accident? Don't Wait — Get Examined by a Chiropractor

There have been tremendous advances in vehicle safety standards over the years. This has resulted in greater survivability in a car crash and far fewer deaths. However, the force generated upon impact is still considerably traumatic to anyone riding inside due to the huge difference in weight between the vehicles and the occupants. Any impact not absorbed by the bumpers and other safety systems built into the vehicle is absorbed by the body. When suddenly jerked to a stop, the body can easily sustain soft tissue damage, as well as damage to the alignment of the spine, even in a relatively slow speed crash.

It isn’t uncommon for days, weeks or even months to pass before accident related pain becomes evident. This is due to the fact that the body releases a group of hormones called endorphins during a car accident or other physical trauma. These endorphins interact with the brain to reduce the perception of pain. Endorphins can stay in the body for varying amounts of time which can give the false impression that there are no injuries from a car accident.

When the pain finally turns on, it can be difficult to conclude that the current pain is a result of an impact suffered in the past. Delaying treatment can have far reaching consequences not only to the long-term damage that can occur, but to any personal injury case being considered. Being examined by a veteran auto accident chiropractor in Lockport or Manhattan is insurance against further deterioration from untreated injuries which often result in chronic pain and lack of mobility in the future. Left alone, the body produces scar tissue and fibrotic adhesions. This less elastic tissue results in tight joints with less range of motion which leads to a host of other problems.

Our doctors are highly skilled in post accident evaluation of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. They see many patients with chronic pain resulting from undetected and untreated past injuries. Our doctors strongly recommend coming in for an examination immediately following any car accident. In this way any injuries can be accurately documented and treated. We also work with most Personal Injury attorney referrals to help take the ease off of any financial dilemma you may have. We want to ensure you are getting the proper treatment for you to return back to your normal day to day living.

LC Chiropractic, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out an individualized rehabilitation program for our patients. While the nature and severity of car accident injuries can vary greatly, our chiropractors can make a precise diagnosis, leading to a full recovery of the musculoskeletal system. If you're looking for a car accident chiropractor in Lockport or Manhattan surrounding areas, call our office at (815) 838-9441 and find out how we can help you with our chiropractic treatments.


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