Corrective Exercises

At Lockport Chiropractic, we believe that optimal healing requires active engagement from our patients. That's why our Lockport chiropractor staff and wellness team continually educate their patients about the indications of a comprehensive exercise therapy protocol. Just about anyone and everyone can benefit from individualized, safe, and scalable functional movement!

Man doing Corrective Exercises.

What are Corrective Exercises? 

Corrective exercises play an important role in natural holistic healing from a variety of acute and chronic health conditions. Unlike exercises you might do at the gym however, corrective exercises are specifically designed and prescribed to address underlying needs that are unique to the individual. 

Benefits of Corrective Exercises

Individual corrective exercise programs are based on a solid foundation of evidence-based theory from the fields of kinesiology, physical therapy, and rehabilitative medicine. Research definitively shows that exercise therapy as prescribed by a chiropractor or physical therapist can facilitate:

  • Accelerated tissue healing
  • Decreased pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Restored postural balance and spinal alignment
  • Increased core stability
  • Improved strength
  • Improved endurance
  • Improved motor control, proprioception, balance, and general body awareness

These different treatment goals can be met by altering the specific prescription of an exercise program. For instance, a chiropractor may prescribe an exercise with high repetitions and little to no load if the goal is tissue healing. Alternatively, the physician may prescribe the same exercise with low repetition and added resistance if the goal is strengthening and reversal of muscle atrophy (weakening). 

Exercise therapy is safe for people of all ages. Our patients include young student athletes recovering from an acute sports injury; older adults living with chronic health diseases like chronic low back pain, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease; people struggling with the after effects of acute conditions such as whiplash, muscle strain, or stroke; and even people recovering from surgery.

Common Physical Therapy Exercises

While your individual exercise plan will likely vary, some of the most common and effective exercises prescribe include:

  • Pelvic tilts (core stabilization) 
  • T's, I's, and Y's (rotator cuff rehabilitation)
  • Hip flexor stretch (great for lower back pain; other common areas of muscle shortening include hamstrings, calves, and shoulder internal rotators)

These exercises are provided in conjunction with other chiropractic and wellness services, including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and other manual therapies such as Active Release Technique (ART). Together, these enhance recovery and can get you back to an even greater physical performance level.

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